THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Over 3,500 junior doctors, including post-graduate medical students and house surgeons, in state-run medical colleges across Kerala went on token strike on Friday demanding hike in stipends.

The strike affected out-patient and in-patient services and other normal functions of the nine government medical colleges in the state.

However, services at the casualty ward and ICU were exempted from the strike.

The striking junior doctors also carried out a march to the Directorate of Medical Education here.

“We are demanding a decent stipend. Other states have already increased the stipend and Kerala is yet to give it. This is just a token strike. If our demand is not met, we will go on an indefinite strike from June 20,” striking doctors told television channels.

The stipend of medical students and house surgeons was last revised in Kerala in the year 2015, they said.



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