Cuttack,  Twin girls who are conjoined at chest and share a single heart were born in Odisha on Monday, doctors said here.

The babies were born in Dhenkanal district headqurters hospital and later admitted to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute for Paediatrics, popularly known as Sishu Bhawan, here.

Superintendent of the Sishu Bhawan, Dr Sanjay Satpathy, said the twins were born with a single heart.

The condition of the babies and their mother Renubala Behera of of Khalpal village in Dhenkanal district is stable.

Hospital sources said the girls will have to undergo several clinical tests before a decision can be made on separating them via surgery.

“This is a rare case of abdomino-thoracopagus twins.

In most such cases, the babies share a single heart and a single liver,” said a paediatric surgeon appearing apprehensive about a successful surgery.

It is not immediately known whether or not the twins share a single liver.



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