A great deal has been said about how Shah Rukh Khan met Gauri Khan and pursued her to Bombay. At that point they got hitched and now they have three exquisite kids.

Indeed, even the star couple needed to experience many high points and low points in their own life before accomplishing fame. Today, SRK is considered as the Badshah of Bollywood and is one of the most adored superstars on the planet.

He is King Khan, leader of hearts everywhere throughout the globe. Young ladies of all age would kick the bucket for him. In any case, for Gauri Khan, he is only a spouse, her darling, a typical man. It is Gauri and his youngsters who have kept SRK grounded significantly after such a large amount of progress.

At the point when gotten some information about what Gauri Khan abhors the most about him, King Khan answers, “She doesn’t prefer to see me smoking. She loathes it when I eat less (SRK has a propensity for not eating on schedule and not eating enough). Indeed, even my little girl whines constantly about it (smoking every now and again).

Along these lines, I have begun smoking less (number of cigarettes), he said including, “When they start grumbling, I generally flee yet they don’t extra me. I’m not composed and I’m late constantly. Gauri chastens me for that as well. Everybody in my office realizes that I don’t work in detail. See, I’m somewhat spoilt. There are a ton of grumblings however nothing’s not kidding.

Be that as it may, Gauri Khan is the superwoman for SRK.



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