The city remains at the subsequent last spot in the district as far as pass rate in the CBSE Class X results, which is a reason for stress for nearby educationists.

As per the provincial information, UT’s pass rate stayed at 86.21, which is barely better than Ladakh’s 86.02 percent — the most minimal in the locale.

Despite the fact that there is a tremendous hole between the quantities of understudies showed up, different states did very well to stay in front of Chandigarh.

Jammu and Kashmir is the top entertainer with a pass level of 98.29 and Punjab likewise fared well with 92.12 percent (normal).

In Chandigarh, a sum of 15,759 understudies showed up for tests out of which 13,586 passed. The same number of as 85.44 percent young men passed while young ladies have a pass level of 86.71. In Ladakh, a sum of 640 understudies finished the tests out of 744 who showed up. The pass rate for young ladies is 91.14 and 80.23 for young men.

“The Administration and non-public schools need to think about this record. We have the second most noteworthy number of understudies in the locale, according to the CBSE bifurcation. Having a huge foundation, the board and mastery, we ought to have been on the top,” said an authority on the state of namelessness.




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