Chandigarh: Sensing the coronavirus in the city could end up being pandemic, consistently official on Saturday was given the forces of an officer.

Each gazetted official drawing Rs 5,000 or more to be Executive Magistrate for keeping up peace and circumstance emerging out of spread of coronavirus, says a request by Administrator VP Singh Badnore. The request will be pertinent till April 30.

Chandigarh saw 18 positive cases. Counsel Manoj Parida Saturday said three patients have been dealt with and released from the clinics.

“We salute specialists of Chandigarh taking a chance with their lives to fix patients.3 people left grinning completely relieved. Our figure decreased from 18 to 15. Three cheers for specialists,” he tweeted.

In the most noticeably terrible influenced Mohali locale, the Jagatpura territory has been completely closed after affirmation of COVID-19 episode, with mass testing being done here and Nayagaon region, both situated on the outskirts of Chandigarh.




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