Puri: A day after several fans drove by Niali Madhab sanctuary servitors landed in Puri conveying new garments for Lord Jagannath, his associate Goddess Mahalaxmi, senior sibling Lord Balabhadra and sister Goddess Subhadra now and again of ‘Prathamastami’, Shri Jagannatha Temple Administration (SJTA) Wednesday clarified that the divinities are not related.

Eliminating any confusion air over the disarray, SJTA Niti manager Jitendra Sahu stated, “Starting at now we have not discovered any authentic proof to demonstrate the cases that Niali Madhav is the maternal uncle of the Holy Trinity.”

Jagannatha sanctuary servitors additionally reverberated a comparative notion. One of the servitors said,” Even however I have been serving in the sanctuary for a long time now, I am not mindful of any such connection.”

So, SJTA executive Sahu affirmed that the endowments brought along by the servitors of Niali Madhab sanctuary servitors were acknowledged by SJTA as ‘gift’.

Tuesday, servitors Niali Madhab sanctuary had brought along blessings including customary robes and cash for the Holy Trinity. They asserted Niali Madhab to be the maternal uncle of the Lords in Puri and that they were attempting to resuscitate a custom that was many years old.




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