The Punjab Government today chose to recuperate Rs 223.75 crore from seven private sugar factories, a large portion of them possessed by lawmakers. This recuperation is to be made as land income unfulfilled obligations for the largesse stretched out to them by the past SAD-BJP government.

An appropriation of Rs 50 for every quintal on the State Advised Price (SAP) of Rs 280-Rs 295 for each quintal of sugarcane was stretched out not exclusively to the seven private factories, yet in addition the nine helpful plants in the state in November 2015 as the sugar costs in the market dove to a record Rs 2,400 for each quintal.

Notwithstanding, inside months the sugar costs in the market rose to Rs 3,800-Rs 4,300 for each quintal, however the then SAD-BJP government kept on giving the money help to the plants. The issue of this largesse to private factories claimed by a previous Congress serve, Akali pioneers, the group of an expired alcohol aristocrat and a counselor to the past government was raised by The Tribune following which a council was set up.

The board inferred that the seven private sugar mills made a tremendous benefit pursuing into crores the sugar costs zoomed in the market, while bringing up that the endowment was required to be given just when the discount sugar costs differed between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,000 for each quintal.

The then government began giving notification for recuperation and the factories moved toward the legal executive on whose headings an advisory group was shaped under the Chief Secretary in November 2017. In its report submitted in April 2018, this board inferred that the money help was given as a transitory help to lighten ranchers’ anguish and that the sum paid to the plants must be recouped.




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