Tihidi: Despite the biometric framework set up, huge scale abnormalities have purportedly been submitted in open appropriation framework (PDS) in Tihidi square of Bhadrak region.

Individuals of Gobindpaur panchayat claimed that a retailer has been charging more than the value fixed by the administration for PDS things. They met the authority and the sub-gatherer and requested an examination concerning the trick.

Local people cautioned of a fomentation if no move is made against the retailer before January 27.

Plus, the retailer had blundered the PDS standard of a lady Sulochan Majhi for a year.

In September, 2019, a few local people had tweeted to the authority, the sub-gatherer and the region common supplies official and the square thoughtful supplies official about the abnormalities.

Despite the fact that a three-part examination group was framed, no move was being made against the retailer, nearby claimed.

Another claim is that the retailer is charging Rs 8 more than the value fixed for a liter of lamp fuel.

Sub-Collector Pitamabar Samal said move will be made after an examination.




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