Bhubaneswar: The ongoing report on state’s accounts for 2017-18 put together by the state Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) before the Odisha Legislative Assembly pummeled the administration for poor usage of assets implied for advancement of Potato Mission and cold stockpiles.

The report asserted that due to non-usage of budgetary assets even to a degree of zero percent consumption which prompted disappointment of the entire bragged crucial state government. The store was intended to guarantee plentiful potato creation in the state and make it independent.

The CAG report, while remarking about the plan stated, “… the reality remained that deficient use of assets, inability to give the motivating forces and backing to the ranchers prompted non-execution of the Potato Mission. Subsequently, the target of accomplishing independence underway of potatoes constantly 2017-18 couldn’t be accomplished. The administration acknowledged (March 2019) the review perception,”

The CAG, in its report, featured that the branch of agriculture indicated poor usage of assets. It said that in 2017-18 the state government made a budgetary arrangement of ’20 crore for the financial yet not by any means a solitary paise was utilized. On the opposite side, it made arrangements to assemble 10 cold stockpiling units around the same time however no one but six could be finished.

The CAG said that when it requested that the administration clarify the reasons the authorities refered to absence of enthusiasm from private players to work cold stockpiles and absence of value seeds for mass generation. In its report, the CAG stated,

“The Director of Horticulture expressed (October 2018) that due to non-receipt of recommendations for foundation of cold stockpiles by private gatherings, non-accessibility of value potato seed, high seed cost, late planting of potatoes and so forth, the objective couldn’t be accomplished,”




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