Jacksonville: A focused on shooting outside an Amazon office in Jacksonville, Florida, left one individual killed and two others somewhat injured Monday, specialists said.

The 20-year-elderly person who was lethally shot was holding up in line outside the Amazon distribution center to go after a position, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief Brian Kee said during a news meeting.

Kee said two men escaped a silver vehicle at around 2 p.m., approached the person in question and began shooting handguns before they drove away. Two observers were brushed by slugs however didn’t require hospitalization, Kee said.

Specialists said the shooting on the city’s north side doesn’t seem to have been an instance of working environment brutality.

“This isn’t arbitrary. It was explicitly focusing on this casualty,” Kee told columnists. “We are not inside the office by any stretch of the imagination.” The suspects were still everywhere a couple of hours after the shooting. The personalities of the casualties were not quickly discharged and the rationale behind the shooting was indistinct.

One neighborhood TV slot posted a photograph on its site indicating broke glass at a representative lunchroom that seemed to have been brought about by a slug.




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