Berlin: Around 35 specialists have been saved after a blast in a previous potash salt mine in the city of Teutschenthal in eastern Germany, German police detailed Friday.

The police detailed that two specialists were harmed by the blast, which occurred on Friday morning in the Teutschenthal mine, around 150 km southwest of Germany’s capital Berlin, reports Xinhua news organization.

The reason for the blast stayed hazy as the police would be ‘researching every which way,’ German paper Bild refered to police representative Ralf Karlstedt.

The mine was closed down in 1982 subsequent to being utilized for around 80 years to separate potash salt. During the most recent 15 years, the mine have been changed over into a ‘stowing mine’ so as to ensure the surface ‘by inlaying the underground caves of the previous mine’, as indicated by the mine’s working organization.




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