China’s “exceptionally forceful” activities against India, remembering the severe assault for the Indian troopers in eastern Ladakh, and its moves in the South China Sea and Hong Kong give a “great knowledge” into how the decision Communist Party of China is thinking nowadays, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has said.

The Indian and Chinese armed forces were secured a stalemate in various areas in eastern Ladakh since May 5. The strain raised in the Galwan Valley on June 15 in which 20 Indian Army faculty were slaughtered during a vicious go head to head with Chinese troopers.

“The Chinese have been exceptionally forceful with India,” O’Brien said on Tuesday claiming that during the ongoing conflict they beat a portion of the Indians so seriously they were deformed and couldn’t be distinguished.

“This is a contest among India and China, yet China has shown itself for what it was. Chinese soldiers trapped the Indians. They beat 20 Indians to death. They beat them so gravely with clubs with nails in them and wrapped with concertina — security fencing,” O’Brien disclosed to Fox News Radio in a meeting.

He was reacting to an inquiry on the ongoing Chinese forceful conduct against India in eastern Ladakh.

Reacting to an inquiry on US-India respective relations, he stated, India was a vote based system and is an incredible companion of the United States.

“Head administrator Narendra Modi and President (Donald) Trump have a super relationship,” O’Brien said.

“Truth be told, it was the last remote excursion that I took with the president before the COVID emergency hit, was to India, and we had an incredible gathering of the Indian individuals there. We share a great deal for all intents and purpose with them, we communicate in English, we’re majority rule governments. We have a developing, extremely solid relationship with India,” O’Brien said.

“Be that as it may, China’s activity towards India, much the same as its activities in the South China Sea, much the same as what it’s doing in Hong Kong, much the same as the harassing terrorizing of Taiwan, truly gives you a decent understanding into how the Communist Party of China is thinking nowadays,” he said.

China guarantees practically the entirety of the 1.3 million square miles the South China Sea as its sovereign region. China has been building army installations on counterfeit islands in the area additionally guaranteed by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.




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